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College Motto & Song

THE COLLEGE MOTTO: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

The motto of St. George’s College is in Latin, meaning ‘For the Greater Glory of God’. That phrase was the motto of St. Ignatius of Loyola, and is still the motto of the religious order he founded, the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), which founded St. George’s College in 1850, and who still own the school.   The motto signifies that everything we do as humans in this world has as its primary goal to the praise and service of God, who is the Creator and Ultimate End of us all.  The word ‘greater’ in the motto means that we ought to always strive to do more and better because God deserves it



Hail, St. George's Alma Mater,

Fair Jamaica's loyal daughter,

Ever guiding all who sought her

Inspiration's light.

Now thy children gather round thee.

Lo, with garlands they have crowned thee.

Reverent hand and fond, have wound thee

With the Blue and White.


Wave her colours ever; Furl her standards never.

Raise it high and proudly cry, St. George's sons forever.

Where the tropic sun is beaming,

From the campus brightly gleaming,

See the grand old banner streaming,

St. George's Blue and White.


Throned 'mid Kingston's fairest meadow,

'Neath the tall Cathedral's shadow;

Lo!  St. George's o'er her children

Watches day and night.

And with every breeze upspringing,

Rarest hillside perfumes bringing,

All its folds to fullness flinging,

Flaunts the Blue and White.


Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Reverence for God,Excellence, Respect.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

St. George’s College is a Catholic High School in the Jesuit tradition.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

With a passion for a strong culture of excellence.

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