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Good Instructions at STGC

What does good instruction look like at STGC?
Preparation – lessons are carefully planned
Effective classroom management
Clearly stated, attainable learning objectives
Good time management – effective use of time, good pacing, coverage of a reasonable amount of material, lesson objectives are met
Students learn
 Effective feedback using varied and frequent assessment - Informal and formal, formative and summative
 Differentiated instruction
All domains of learning are considered (cognitive, psychomotor, affective) 
 Effective use of technology
 Clear simple instructions for tasks
 Concepts and ideas are well sequenced and connected
Teaching makes use of real-life situations in an experiential guided-discovery learning approach 
Teacher enthusiasm 
Critical thinking is a key feature of the lesson 
Effective use of questioning 
 Instruction is student-centred
Students are engaged in the lesson and active participants in the learning process 
Students are on task for most or all of the lesson 
Positive reinforcement 
Student-talk frequency outweighs teacher-talk 

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